How many tables are required?

Discussion created by zara on Sep 14, 2012
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Need to keep stock report for items ordered by Batch Number (have 14 items and one batch number can equal many items).


Stock report needs to be maintained for stock held overseas and stock held in Australia, in two different warehouses (thinking a find is the way to go with the Warehouses).


Stock is ordered via a Supplier Purchase Order, held overseas as Stock matching Batch Number until a Container Order is placed, then it is shipped to Australia and then becomes Stock available Australia by Batch Number, until ordered by a customer, when Stock Australia is decreased by Item Batch and Pallet Number


How many tables: I am suggesting possibly 8?


Product to Product Line Items to Supplier Purchase Order to Batch/Item to Container Order to Stock Australia to Client Purchase Order to Client Listing


Needing to produce a Supplier Purchase Order, Stock Held Overseas by Item and Batch Number Report, Container Order, Stock Held Australia by Item and Batch Number Report (increasing on Container Order, decreasing on Client Purchase Order


Does a template exist anywhere on which I could base this database?