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Multiple Attachements In FileMaker EMail

Question asked by thiyagarajan on Sep 14, 2012
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We have developing one FileMaker Desktop application and hosted in FM server.We are accessing the application via FMGO12 in iPad. Now we are facing one critical(Multiple Attachment with single mail).Actually, We have one script that creates 2 files. one is PDF and Another one is "Excel".We stored these 2 file path in a '$$' global variable at script. In send Mail script, We cant able to give both global variables.Because FileMaker "SendMail" script step allows only one attachement per mail.But we are at need to send runtime created "PDF" and "Excel" file in a single click EMail Icon.


Although, we are using the application in FileMaker GO12, we are unable to use any "Plug-Ins" and "Applescript" to fix this issue.


Can anyone give idea for this please.