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    Online Member Area with FM Data and Table Based Auth


      Im trying to figure out how to setup my database so it can be accessible online by our clients who have a current subscription with us.


      I do not have much experience in web technologies other than standard HTML so PHP is kind of new to me.


      Currently i have something similar setup using a MySQL database. Every night i export the usernames and passwords of clients who have a subscription with us and upload the information to the MySQL database. I would like to remove the manual export/import and have everything live based off of the FileMaker database.


      I tried setting up the MySQL database as an external data source in FileMaker and create a relationship but saying that the connection was slow was a compliment.


      We have FileMaker Server Advanced 12 setup in a 2 server config both running on MS Windows Server 2008. Our website is currently hosted on a VPS at Network Solutions and i was hoping to host the web pages there but if needed i do have IIS setup on the WPE Server.


      I purchased the book titled "FileMaker Web Publishing - A Complete Guide to Using the API for PHP", so far it has given some info and some samples but does not explain the elements that go into writing the code.


      Does anyone know of any examples that demonstrate what i am trying to do or can point me in the right direction as far as web resources go.


      Thanks in advance


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          Hi Matt


          It sounds like what you're wanting to do is relatively simple, replace a call to a MySQL DB, with a call to an FM DB, is that correct...? If so, then the book you mention above should provide you with the stepping stones you need.


          How far have you got...? have you been able to connect to the database...? to perform a simple 'SELECT' like operation...? Where are you stuck...??


          Having the PHP files which will communicate with FM on the remote hosted server is possible, however you'll want to try it out and see what the latency is like - you may find it better to hand the logging in over to your FM WPE server, then return the user to the remotely hosted pages for the remainder of the content delivery.


          Alternatively, if all you're wanting to do on the FM server is the authentication, then creating a simple JSON (or XML if you prefer) based API on your FM server might also be a good solution - in that way you can perform a back-end query from your current pages to the FM server passing only tiny amounts of data.


          Don't forget to ensure that passwords are encrypted when stored in your database and when being passed from server-to-server, either via https, or using a custom encryption system to prevent people being able to 'sniff' username/password combinations...


          If you'd like someone to do this development for you, then FM-web integration is what we specialise in, and I'd be more than happy to discuss your requirements and provide a cost estimate for you.