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    Runtime Solution Password Recovery Options..??


      I've got a FM solution that I distribute as a runtime. I have 2 accounts included with the runtime: admin and user. Our users use the user account, and the first time they sign in it has them set their own password. This all works fine.


      People forget their passwords, though, and the only answer I've had for them is to uninstall and re-install the software. Obviously, this is not ideal.


      I'm looking into this a little more now and I see there is a script step for resetting an account password. This looks nice, but we'd still have to be signed in to some other account in order to get access to the script, right? We could at least do a screen share with the person, log in as our admin user, and then reset it for them, but we can't guarantee 24x7 support, so that's not ideal either.


      Is there some other method I could use to make this work nicely for everybody involved?


      I was thinking it would be nice to hook the user account system up to the user's local computer instead of using the built in FM accounts. That way they could manage all their usernames and passwords on their operating system, and those would then work to sign in to FM. I'm not finding any information about anything like that, though.


      Any information on how I could handle this in a nice way would be greatly appreciated.



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          First: The passwords in FileMaker can not be retrieved.


          There are different approaches. One is to give the customer a special superuser account that is permitted to change passwords. Not as full access, but as described here.


          The superuser can log in and get access to a special layout.

          On this layout there are two global fields. Account Name and Password.

          Then the superuser can enter information here and can set a new password. Use the account script steps to reset the password.




          If you use the option "Reset Account Password" you do of course need to remember the accountname. Any attemt to change the password of a non existing account will of course be rejected.


          You could expand the model with a table with the user name (account name), thereby only having to remember/reset the password.

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            One extra hint: Depending on the privileges you attach to the superuser ... you will probably have to let the script run with "full access".

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              How secure do you need your solution?


              If NSA quality security is not a big issue, you could make a guest account that has 1 Layout for reseting the password through an ecrypted string you generate. As for the 24/7 service it is not your fault they forget their passwords so if you reply in a timely fashion it should be ok. But if 24/7 service is what you are after you will need to do alot of work, as it requires a something simular to resetting your password on web sites which envolves a lot of code.


              Have a look at http://www.briandunning.com/easy-encryption/ it can be modified to suit your needs.


              Good Luck :-)