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    Find function on Web


      Using Filemaker Pro Advanced on Mac. Upladed data file by way of Macusa. File uploaded okay, but unable to do "find" from web site. Can do find on home computer file, but web does not work. I cantacted Macusa and was told to Google "issues" with Filemaker 12. Lot's and Lot's of issues came up on Google.


      Anyone have an idea what to do?


      Also is there a way to transfer FM12 data back to FM11?

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          I'll start with the last part of your question first (as I understnad that ;-). No, you can't convert a database back from 12 to 11. You could, assuming the table structure hadn't changed, take an empty clone of your FM11 DB, export the data from the 12 DB and import that into the 11 'shell'...


          The other aspect of your question I'm a bit lost on. If I understand correctly, you've uploaded an FM12 database to a remote FileMaker hosting provider...? and you can't now access it from the FM client machine on your local machine over the network. Is that correct...? The most likely cause of this issue will be firewall ports - you'll need to ensure that port 5003 is open between the remote host and your computer (with FM client on it).


          If I've not understood correctly, please can you provide more details about the set-up and the issue and I'll have another go at helping out...