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    serial data


      I am not sure if this is the correct forum for this but any help would be appreciated.


      I am looking for a plugin that will read the data off of a standard serial port and auto enter it into a record in FM12.


      I am using the standard comport 1 with 8N1 settings.


      My goal here is to read the serial port, enter it into a record and then email me that record once this has been created.


      I hope someone can point me in the right direction as I am new to FM.


      Thank you

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          May be these two will do the trick for you:






          Hope it helps.





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            Ibrahim,  Trio looks like it will do what i'm looking for to get the data.  I do have another question that i'm hoping you can help with. 


            I currently have 2 scripts running which all work when i execute them manually. 

            Script 1 = Trio getting the data from the serial port

            script 2 = emailing me the data recieved.


            I am looking trying to find a way to have FM create a new record each time data is pulled from trio, then having this auto emailed to me. 

            I dont know if this is possible or if a script exists that will auto check every so many seconds/minutes/etc. Any help would be appreciated. 


            In the mean time, I will be reading alot of posts.


            Thanks in advance


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              The quick answer is, Yes.  The real answer is that things get complicated on serial connections.  Unlike packets on TCP/IP, you never really know when data has started coming and when it has ended.  Think of a serial port as a volatage meter that continually changes.  You have to sample the data and then have some criteria to determine a starting point and then collect data for a given length or time after that starting point.  But once you have the criteria set to execute a script and it is collecting data, you can use whatever criteria you have to stop collecting data as the same criteria to send yourself an email reminder.  When issue I had with the Troi serial plugin was I could only get it to work with a FileMaker client and not the Server.  Oh well, maybe this is something Peter can improve on in the future. 

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                The nice thing about my serial connection is that it only recieved data when information is sent to it.  I have a pager that is configured for "serial print".  As long as the pager doesnt go off, then no information is sent to the serial port as far as i could understand. 


                You may ask why i'm using a pager still and frankly its being used for our local 911 service.  This is how we recieve our emergency runs.  I would like to be able to maintain a running log of all calls received to our department and have them email me at the same time. 

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                  Yes, that is true of some serial data.  But I seem to run into a lot of serial connections that have a continuous signal such as what is the temperature right now.  Your situation is convenient in that it only sends data when you need to receive it and your only configuration is to make sure you don't stop sampling until the fun pager information comes through.  That should not be a problem on a short data string like a phone number.  But it is a lot bigger challenge if the data string is a lot longer.  But I guess I muse on because serial connections have an endless set of possibilities and configurations.  It is really exciting to be able to measure and receive data serially directly into FileMaker and opens a lot of doors to interesting solutions.