Been fighting with a date calculation formula... can someone help?

Discussion created by cardezco on Sep 16, 2012
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I have a field, FilingDate containing a date, and I am comparing the Day (DD) against the Day in Current_Date... for some reason, in the comparison, if Day(Current_Day) is greater than Day(FilingDate) it is only true, when the day in Current_Date is greater than Day in FilingDay by 5 days... in other words, today, Sep 16 (when I am entering this question) won't detect that the day is greater, unless the Day in FilingDate is the 10, if I enter 9/14/2012, and compare if ( Day(Current_Date) > Day(FilingDate)), it will comeout FALSE... until I change the date in FilingDate to 9/10/2012... day 11 will not work, 12 will not work, 13 will not work, 14, will not work, 15 will not work... Any help is greatly appreciated!