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Discussion created by taylorsharpe on Sep 17, 2012
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GCN is a magazine (electronic and paper) distributed to a lot of government agency employees and contractors, particularly at the federal and state levels of the US Government. Their articles usually are on things like Big Data, NIST Security, etc. And they are generally pretty luke warm to Apple in their reporting and if they ever talk about databases, it is only about big SQL engines. So I about fell out of my chair this morning to see a FileMakerGo 12 article in the GCN at:




Granted it is buried on page 28, but still, it is quite interesting to see some government IT interest in FileMaker. As most know, the high levels of the government tend ignore that FileMaker even exists and it rarely is ever even considered as a solution. The did make one criticism I agree with that FileMakerGo is only available on iOS. The emphasize the point that if they can make FileMaker for Windows, surely they could also make a Windows Phone version. Now that would be interesting. But so would an Android one too <grin>.