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    Opener File Requies Relogin


      I run FM 11 and FMS 11 on Windows.


      I have an Opener file which requires the user to log in using AD credentials. Once logged in, the user is shown a list of Filemaker files which she can access. Each file name is a hyperlink to the listed file (open URL, using fmp7://). Both files are mounted on FMS 11.


      If the same AD credentials are good for this file, she is not asked to log in a second time when she clicks the hyperlink.


      That changed when I implemented layout and record restrictions based on the user's privelege set. Afterwards, the user is asked to log in a second time. This happens even when she logs in using the Admin ([Full Access]) account.








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          If you're using the AD, and assuming that the user are already logged into their workstation with the AD account, why not use the Open Remote with the FMS file list filtering configuration setting?   Open Remote will then only show files that the users have an account in.


          As to why it is failing for you, it's unclear.  Seems to me that the changes to the record-level access are a red herring because those are only evaluated AFTER the user is authenticated already.  So being prompted comes before the RLA calcs are run.


          Anything strange in the FMS event log or the Windows security log?  I've seen something similar happen where the AD is physically far away from the users and the round trip to and from it was higher than what FMP is willing to wait for.  So check the latency on the network.  Also check all the usual suspects like clocks not being in sync and so on.

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            I would gladly use FMS file list filtering if Open Remote showed the directory structure.  For Example,



            HR/Pink Slips




            . . . but it shows all open files as a flat list.  I tried prepending the directory structure to the file name (HR_Directory, Financial_Directory), but that gets ugly -- something which counts around here.


            I see nothing in the logs or network.  Besides, I have the same relogin prolbem when I use FileMaker accounts.


            When you do this, do you use the Open URL script step, with an address of fmp7://server/filename.fp7?