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    Dragging image


      Is there a code that allows an image to be dragged from one point to the next? I have seen drag & drop but nothing that allows for an image to be moved

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          If u r talking about true dragging such that u can move an image freely and upon release, the new x y values 'stick', that is not do able with filemaker and the closest workaround wld be to use a webviewer on ur layout,create the 'drag gable ' canvas with HTML / JavaScript.


          U can lay container fields around and grab an image in Container A, move and release it into any other container and have that event do anything which is scriptable.



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            Not sure I fully understand what you are trying do, however there is a plugin called Troi File Plugin that might open new doors for what you are trying to do.  Here is the website  http://www.troi.com/software/fileplugin.html