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    Database/Account List


      Is there a way to automate the production of a list of the form


      Database Name | Account


      across all databases on a FileMaker Server?


      One approach would be


      (1) Generate a list of all databases on the server.

      (2) Write a script which exports all the accounts in a single database.

      (3) Import that script into every database on the server.

      (4) Write a script which walks down (1), executing (2).


      I don't know how to do (2).


      Any suggestions would be most appreciated.





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          There is a FileMaker tool for managing security... a friend uses it... I will check with him as I can't remember it's name...


          The issues would be for your idea... that you would need a common or known Account name and Password already in each of the databases and that you would have to have the passwords recorded elsewhere as you would not be able to capture them.


          - Lyndsay