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    FileMaker Go closing unexpectedly moving from WiFi to 3G


      I have a client who is reporting an issue with FileMaker Go 12 closing unexpectedly.


      The database app I have created for them records the issue of outdoor, ski equipment, etc to students at a camp that has new groups of students each week.


      The clients reports the following:


      1) Open Filemaker Go app


      2) Select the file to open


      3) Once the opening screen is displayed they update data on the iPad from central database via a script attached to a button


      (The script tests for a connection to the central database, opens the central database as hidden, imports the data and closes the central database file. Subsequent screens show only fields from TOCs that are local to the database on the iPad)


      4) Move down to the student issue room that is out of WiFi range with the file open


      6) Start entering the students data


      7) The 3G is also marginal at this location, and when the signal drops from 1 bar to 0 bars FileMaker Go can close unexpectedly - data is lost.


      I'm wondering if I have missed something or is that FileMaker Go is closing unexpectedly because it hasn't properly closed all references to the central database file.

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          I think the problem is that FileMaker Pro and more importantly FileMaker Go doesn't fully close a related file even when doing so from a blank layout with no references to the related file.


          This is an important issue when using FileMakerGo to sync data between server files and local database app!


          Quote from archives:

          "May 29, 2011 10:18 PM

          Cannot close file that was opened via reference

          Originally Posted By: Christopher Gauntt, solutions@cordega.com

          The problem:

          Closing a related file doesn't actually "close" the file, it reduces it to "hidden" status.

          The other problem:

            The documented solution according to the FileMaker help files is to make sure you are on a layout with no related fields, and then close the external file. THIS DOES NOT WORK!

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            The issue appears to be resolved by re-creating from scratch a specific layout which presumedly was damaged in some manner. (This wasn't picked up by FileMaker's Recover process.)


            Also interesting to note that FileMaker Go appears to want to "hang on" to related files even after using script steps such as "Close File" and "Exit Application".