FM12 connecting via ODBC

Discussion created by BenHutson on Sep 17, 2012
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Hi All,


Before converting our current solution to FM12 and comitting to that, we are running numerous tests with our solution to see what differences we can expect and pre-empt.


After getting back from DevCon in July I converted the solution and had found few to no problems, testing across different platforms and tasks.


However, after coming back to it yesterday I now seem to have a number of problems. These issues may relate mostly to hardware rather than software, apart from one, which is my main issue. Whenever I try and view the MySQL tables through FileMaker now, it freezes up. It refuses to even load the layout in Find mode or Browse mode. Also when going to Manage Database and selecting the external tables, the same thing happens - FM12 just freezes up.


I've tried this on Mac, and PC with the same results. When this happens, if I leave it to sit, the FM12SA actually crashes too.


This wasn't an issue before - I've tried re-installing FMSA, FPA, restarting machines, all to no avail.


Not sure if it's related to the password / username dialog box, which at the moment I am not even getting that for the external tables. I did see it yesterday toward the start of my testing, and clicked cancel because I didn't have the access details handy. After that I saw it again and tried connecting to one of the ODBC connections with the correct details but was getting too many hosts connected and needed to run mysql hosts flush. Which I should be able to do today, but I haven't seen a password / username dialog box for the online tables since then.


Has anyone else experienced of this type of problem?


Appreciate any feedback.


Best Regards