FM12A on Windows Server 2003

Discussion created by BenHutson on Sep 17, 2012
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Hi All,


During testing FM12 I've had to test across XP, Win7, Server 2008, Server 2003, and Mac OS X.


I have one machine that I am having issues with.


After installing FM12A on a Server 2003 machine it will not open up any database. That is, I cannot open a remote database, I cannot create a solution for a start solution, I cannot create a new database. FM12A freezes and crahses with no sign of any otherwise movement.


I tried to update thinking it may have fixed the issues. Updater cannot find the file, no version of FM running, drive is Indexed, and all the rest. So I re-installed FM12A and tried the updater again, no luck.


Are there known issues with Windows Server 2003? Is it a hardware issue, or does anyone have any experience of this?


Best Regard