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    Entourage stripping carriage returns from SendMail


      Client is using Entourage 2008 for Mac, FM12 (current update) and Mac OSX 10.7 on one Mac, 10.6 on others workstations.


      Issue: When using the "Send Mail" script step, all carriage returns are stripped out of the body text and what was previously a readable email is one massive block of text. The problem does not occur using Apple's Mail program.


      Misc attempts and options currrently being considered:

      • Tried using Substitute ( text ; [ "¶" ; Code (13) ] ) with no improvements
      • Resort to using "Open URL" to create email (will this also accomodate attachments?)
      • Purchase updated version of Entourage (but will this fix the problem?)
      • Purchase email-related plugin for all users


      After searching the archives and current discussions I couldn't find anything related to this specific question. Any ideas or solutions would be appreciated!


      Much Thanks,




      PS: Always looking to minimize client costs, I'd prefer not having to require additional purchases if possible.