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    Progressive Backup Not backing up all DBs


      We enabled progressive backup and on 19 of the 65 files are getting backed up. We know our other files are changing. If we disable and renenable progressive backup to force it to recreate the backups it creates the 19 filders and files and seems to stop. This is bad since we need the other files backed up. I have traditional schedules setup for now backing up our dbs but this seems like a real problem.

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          If a file has not been modified then the progressive backup skips it. This is correct behavior. A progressive backup system only changes the backup file(s) if the source file(s) have been changed.

          Are you certain the data in the "other" files has changed? Perhaps a primary record changed but the children in the related file did not? This is not unusual for a distributed system where related tables are in separate files.

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            What OS is this?


            As a side note: progressive backups should not be done to replace traditional backups, but to complement them!!

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              The first thing to check is the Event.log file, where the Database Server would log any warnings or errors that have occurred.  On Windows, this same data is logged by FileMaker Server in the Application Log, viewable with Event Viewer.  And you can also view the same "Server Events" data with Log Viewer in the FMS Admin Console.


              When you enable Progressive Backup, there should be informational messages logged to Event.log, including one message about each file that it starts making an initial backup of, followed by at least one message per file on the result of that backup.


              One possibility: if you have lots of large files, the initial backup done for Progressive Backup could take many minutes, and could be delayed if one or more databases are unable to "pause" for the final hosted file to backup synchronization.  Any such pause failures should be in the Event.log.




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                Also make sure that you do not have any sort of anti-virus software reading any of the progressive backup files (or any hosted FileMaker databases for that matter).

                In fact , any operation that even reads any of the files (indexing, rsync for example) will cause your progressive backups to fail intermittently

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                  Yes I am sure the files have changed. These are core files that change very regularly. We do not use a distributed system the files have definitely changed. Also, per filemaker documentation, when progressive backup is enabled it immediately creates two copies of all hosted files. Then it begins traacking changes. These initial copies are not being created.

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                    OS X 10.6.8

                    We are still doing traditional backups

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                      Thanks, we are not running any anti-virus software. I have been administering FMS for over 10 years. Our server has the recommended configs and I am aware of the do and dont's.


                      I checked the event on the server and I can see our normal backups occurring successfully but no references to the progressive backups. You can see the directory that each event is talking about and none of them are our progressive backups.


                      I have found that if I close a file and then reopen it progressive backup sees it and creates a copy. But I shouldn't have to do this. And if I turn of progressive backup, which deletes the current progressive backups and then re-enable it it does NOT create two copies of all our hosted databses as it should.