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ActiveX(VisualBasic6.0 App) sometimes fail

Question asked by petit on Sep 18, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2012 by wimdecorte

ActiveX(VisualBasic6.0 App) sometimes fail



Environment:FileMakerPro11 + Windows7



The code is to acquire an active fileName from the FileMakerFiles.

But sometimes fail at Specific code



Usually the error doesn't work until rebooting OS



VB Err.Number is unknown.



The code is below

Error occurs somewhere in 4 lines between ▲&▼

(sorry, I do not know where the err occur in 4 Lines,

Because I cannot reoccur it again either)



It is unclear that Why and When the error occurs.

Please show me the solution or the factor.





Dim FMApp As FMPRO70Lib.Application

Dim FMDocs As FMPRO70Lib.Documents

Dim FMActiveDoc As FMPRO70Lib.Document



Dim myOpenFile As Object 'Opened FileMaker File

Dim strOpenFilePath As String 'Path



'Get Opened FileMaker Object

Set FMApp = GetObject("", mstrFILEMAKER_APP)



Set FMDocs = FMApp.Documents




'Acquire Active File Name

Set myOpenFile = FMDocs.Active

'Show APP

FMApp.Visible = True



Set FMActiveDoc = FMDocs.Active

strOpenFilePath = FMActiveDoc.FullName




Msgbox strOpenFilePath



’Clear Objects

Set FMDocs = Nothing

Set FMActiveDoc = Nothing

Set myOpenFile = Nothing

Set FMApp = Nothing