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    Blank Layout on Custom Dialogs


      I recently upgraded from Filemaker 11 to Filemaker 12 and have found a difference in behavior when I display a custom dialog. When a record is saved I run a script to validate that all required fields have been entered. If there is an error I show a dialog box with an error message. In Filemaker 12, the current layout turns completely blank (white) when the dialog box is displayed. Once a selection is made on the dialog box, the layout redisplays properly. How can I keep the screen from blanking out when displaying a custom dialog? When I run the same script using the debugger, this does not happen.




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          Mac or Windows?


          You might trying putting a "Pause/Resume Script" script step just before you display the dialog, specifying a pause time of, say, .01 seconds (1/100th of a second). You won't see any pause (because the pause is for only a tiny fraction of a second), but this may cause the screen behind the dialog to refresh so as to be visible when the dialog box appears.

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            Thanks for the suggestion. I added a .01 second pause and the dialog box did display over the layout after a brief flash. The only problem is that there are dozens of scripts with hundreds of dialog boxes that will need the be updated


            BTW, I'm using the windows version.