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      ignore, this is just a test to see if sending to forum via email is bouncing still



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          well that worked...

          ... now if we could only edit on iPad so I don't embarrass myself with all my typos...


          I note your status and reaching over 1000 points. Technically you have more points than I do now, given that many of mine were gifted after the testing phase. I think a big congrats is in order, Beverly... well done! You truely have contributed to this community and it's predecessor in a big way... and I thank you. ;-)


          - Lyndsay

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            Woo Hoo on the test. Let's see if iPhone lets me reply?


            Lyndsay, believe it or not, I've learned most of what I know about FM from the lists - getting as much from others answers as from answering for my own curiosity.


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            Beverly Voth


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              what I've always found interesting is the vast range of problems others are tackling and the way learning about it and thinking about it inspires new approaches of your own.


              .. so your reply works.


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