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    converting FM11 existing layouts to FM12 theme - Devcon session


      At Devcon their was a conversation in one of the sessions about best practices for migrating your existing layouts from FM11 to Fm12 in order to not create CSS bloat. This information was not on a slide and so I can no longer find it (or my notes)


      It went something like this...


      Step 1 - Convert your solution

      Step 2 - Go to a layout, select all objects and drag them off the screen

      Step 3 - With all the items still selected, click the 'remove styles' button from the inspector

      Step 4 - Now Undo the last action with a Ctrl Z to re-apply the look & feel using FM12 CSS

      Step 5 - Now drag the objects 1 at a time back onto the layout and see how they look, re-apply styles only as neccessary.


      I think those are all the steps but I am not sure I have them in the correct order - anyone?