<No disk> error with External Containers

Discussion created by worldcloud on Sep 18, 2012
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I have a client which came to Worldcloud because his FileMaker 12 solution had stopped working on another providers service. We set up his account and things works fine for two weeks and then every time he attempted to add a file, he recevied an <No disk space:> error. There are several GBs of space on that server. When I created a new file and hosted on that server, the problem was repeated with the new database.


I moved him to another FileMaker 12 Server in a different datacenter and the problem went away- for two weeks. As of today, not only can he not save Container fields, but all other solutions on that Server have lost the abiltiy to save Container fields. I have had him copy his file and us Recover to create a new file, with no success. The second server is using three drives and each has 10GB+ of free drive space.


The two Worldcloud Servers in question are running Windows Server 2008 R2 (64Bit addition). Both servers are running multiple solutions and no other users are reporting problems.I have searched TechNet and I can not find anyone which has included the actual text from this error. If someone would lide to see the error on a 'live' server, I will be happy to give them access to my test file.


FileMaker's advice is re-install the server, but to manually recreate all the administrator groups, backup schedules, etc. is huge undertaking with a small chance of lasting success. I would value any advice. The likiehood that three servers from two different vendors have the same corruption and/or setup is very slim.



INSERT PICTURE creates an error; however, INSERT FILE into the same Container field works properly.