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    "Ask the PMs" about the v12 layout rendering changes

    Stephen Huston

      This is a topic started under the new Ask the PMs discussion area for upcoming webinar(s). It was not intended for general discussion.


      It appears that the new CSS-based layout rendering system gives additional possibilities to layout mode that we didn't have in FP7 files, but it also appears to have some major hits on performance and existing systems:

      • Existing systems with hundreds or  thousands of layouts would take ages to convert to anything comparable to a v12 native file.
      • Many Print issues, some noted by another participant, seem to be  related to the new CSS-rendering.
      • Object style theme-override changes and layout-wide Theme changes are reported to leave excess CSS code embedded in the file with no way for users to clean it up.
      • The potential promise of CSS that developers eventuallywould be able to directly control CSS manually has not only not been realized, it has been actively cautioned against as a future source of errors as updates or upgrades are released.

      While some of us really like the new options, it appears that we have taken on a whole new set of larger problems with the new layout rendering system.


      [ I love 12, but it seems this layout change was the biggest version innovation, and the main source of new problems. ]

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          • What does "native" FM 12 mean? I saw that in another thread and it confused me. What's wrong with just converting and using?


          • I haven't seen any Print issues. What's going on there?


          • Yes, it seems like there's excess CSS code on changing themes, but what's the big deal? How much extra data are we talking about?


          • It would be nice for direct CSS editing to be supported, but FMI hasn't taken anything away. Editing the CSS is a brillant hack, but a hack nonetheless.
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            Stephen Huston

            As I said, this was offered a topic of discussion for the upcoming "Ask the PMs" webinar. There is no doubt that these types of problems have been reported and deserve some comment from the FMI team.

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              I'm going to go with Stephen here.  Since this webinar topic-suggestion subforum's recent inception, there have been a ton of feature requests posted — some old as the hills, some new, most quite good(!), most (hopefully) duly noted by FM — but many of those probably don't make a great foundation for a robust "Ask the PMs Webinar" discussion. It seems fair to say, in contrast, that the whole topic of themes, CSS, and attendant performance implications has been a source of (various degrees of) delight, consternation, and plain-ol' confusion for many developers and imho rightly deserves some dedicated discussion.  (Personally, I mainly try and fall on the "delight" side, but that's only when I'm not mired in the "confused" category.  ;-)