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Report help URGENT

Question asked by danielle-gwa on Sep 19, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2012 by micinfo

Dear forum.


Basically, I have 3 table involved in this problem.


Table 1 has all the wind turbine parts listed with the main field being the _kp_OEM Part Number


Table 2 has a wind farms part usage information for 2011 given as yearly data (i.e. at the wind farm it tells me that a month / year i used how many of each OEM Part Number)


Table 3 resembles table 2 with the same wind farms part usage information but this time for 2012 with data given monthly (i.e January 2012 only populates this table so far...-so i kknow how many of each OEM Part Number were used in Jan 2012.)



I want to create report (layout) that shows the following:


OEM Part No. Manufacturer part no. Description Current Year Current Month Quantity usage Year Quantity usage in previous year (2011) Average monthly previous usage for 2011 Variance in usage
1. 1234 abs1002 generator 2012 Jan 4 2011 30 (30/12)= 2.5 (4-2.5)= + 1.5
2 4567 abs39495 switch 2012 Jan 3 2011 40 (40/12)= 3.33 (3-3.33)= - 3.33




(the first 3 fields above are from Table 1 (parts list)

the next 3 fields are from Table 3 (current usage)

the next 3 fields are from Table 2 (previous/past usage)

and the final field is the variance calculated from the current months usage (Jan 2012) minus the previous months usage (average of 2011 data for a month- given by yearly usage divided by 12)


Does anyone know how i would show this all in one report.

I can obviously show the first 6 fields okay

but i do not know how to then show the previous usge fields linking up to the same OEM Part Nunmbers!?



Can anyone please help me on this urgent matter!!???