Possible to script the parameters of a relationship?

Discussion created by micinfo on Sep 19, 2012
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Greetings fellow File Makers:


From my perspective, the graphic ER window in the fp7/fp12 platforms is a bit cumbersome if there are more than a handful of relationships in the file. I miss the basic alphabetical list of relationships we could access in FMP 6 and earlier. I've used the RelationInfo() function to retrieve the parameters of all relationships involving a sepcific data table, and I was wondering if there is a way to define (or edit) relationships via scripts rather than manually changing the parameters in the "Edit Relationship" dialog box. If there was a way to do that, then I could script a more user-friendly way to find/edit certain relationships, or for that matter, check to see if a relationship I want already existed! (Some of my files contain dozens of relationships).


Thank you for your consideration.