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    Scalable mergefields


      Hello there, I am looking for your expertise..

      When printing I want to be able to have mergefields that scale themselves according to the amount of tekst whitin them. I've tried to do this with the slide up and resize feature on the position tab of the Inspector but this doesn't work.

      Is there a way to make a mergefield "liquid" ? Thanks in advance..

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          Sliding up works only in preview and print. Autosizing (if that's what you mean by "resize") doesn't take into account the amount of text in the sized object.

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            Thanks for your fast reply. My mergefields are alineas that  contain between one or more sentences ; to fit the largest alinea possible I've set the mergefields heigh so it can show more lines. But when there is for example one sentence on just one line, the mergefield doesn't resize it stays the same initial height. Is there a way to have the mergefield take onn the size so that it just wraps he actual tekstspace ? Do have to make a different approach ?

            Thanks in advance..

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              stoerevloeren wrote:


              Is there a way to have the mergefield take onn the size so that it just wraps he actual tekstspace ?


              In print and preview, yes. In browse mode, no.


              Perhaps you could merge additional information in the same text object - so that the spacing between your current sentences and the the rest of the data is constant. But if you are in List view, the height of the record will be constant (unless you preview or print).

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                Hello Michael,

                I didn't think about putting the mergefields in one text object, but this probably will do the trick !

                Thank you !

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                  Stephen Huston

                  Putting them in a single text object is the only way to "scale" a group together. You can and should still use the sliding during printing/previewing if you want other layout objects to adjust around this combined text block.


                  Keep in mind that line returns which are placed between the actual merge fields in a text part may remain as a  line in the resulting text when printed even when one of the lines contains a data field which is blank. Similarly, hard-coding in text such as commas in address blocks will produce a comma even if a field on either side of it is empty of data. Same with spaces hard-coded into text block lines.


                  You can end up with stuff like the following address block if you hard-code in spaces and punctuation but allow some incomplete fields to remain:

                       John . Doe

                       1234 Main Street


                       Anytown,   99999-

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                    Hello Stephen,


                    Thanks for your help! Best, Ramon