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Crash on Container Drag and Drop

Question asked by A2analytics on Sep 20, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2012 by mikebeargie

I searched and found other discussions on container field crashes, but no responses to those discussions, so I am starting new here.


I am finding that FileMaker 11 crashes hard in Windows 7 when I drag and drop a document onto a container field, and I am a client to a server. I made a test file and found no problem when the file was my own private file, single user. I found also that the crash was avoided or worked around by inserting the file with menu commands. The specific environment was client to a remote server while connected by a VPN network. Dragging a pdf file from my desktop to FileMaker database window initiated a stop in response immediately after dropping the file into the container.


I have not tested this at the client's location to see if the problem is resolved by removing the vpn factor.