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    Crash on Container Drag and Drop


      I searched and found other discussions on container field crashes, but no responses to those discussions, so I am starting new here.


      I am finding that FileMaker 11 crashes hard in Windows 7 when I drag and drop a document onto a container field, and I am a client to a server. I made a test file and found no problem when the file was my own private file, single user. I found also that the crash was avoided or worked around by inserting the file with menu commands. The specific environment was client to a remote server while connected by a VPN network. Dragging a pdf file from my desktop to FileMaker database window initiated a stop in response immediately after dropping the file into the container.


      I have not tested this at the client's location to see if the problem is resolved by removing the vpn factor.

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          Is it possible to test with the VPN removed from the equation? IE connecting to the server directly via "open remote" or testing while on-site?


          My imagination leans towards something in the network stack is not allowing the traffic required for uploading via the VPN to the server container is causing the crash. And a lack of graceful failing on that low level in filemaker causes it to hang and crash.


          Also what OS is the server on, windows as well? I've gotten some strange container behavior before going cross-platform.


          If you're unable to diagnose, it might be worthwhile to look into supercontainer or an FM12 upgrade, as both provide significant upgrades to the capabilities of the container field.