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Print settings on Filemaker that is sharing files on our network affecting other copies running on network

Question asked by rbogdanoff on Sep 20, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2012 by robwoof

That was a hard one to phrase as a question! We have a WIndows 7 network and run our database on one machine. The other machines each with their own copy of Filemaker use "Open Remote..." to accesss our database. I work on the "master" machine and have been working on a layout where I have my print setup set to landscape orientation and duplex printing. When some of my co-workers print records in other layouts from their machines, their print setup mimics the landscape/double sided setting of the master Filemaker. The layouts they are printing are portrait and single sided and these users never set their own print setup to that configuration so it must be getting it form the master. Is this a know issue, and can it be stopped?