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      It would be helpful if FM on the Mac supported phone dialing.


      When will this be available? Can FM work with Apple to provide this cabability? Does any third party have an app and hardward to support phone dialing?



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          At one point Apple supported this at the OS level... "I have an old Quadra 840AV sitting in my cellar."  But do to the widespread use of broadband, the dialup/phone modem interface is rarely supported at the hardware level.  So I doubt FIleMaker will bother to implement a protocol for hardware that is almost nonexistent.

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            I'm running PhoneValet on an iMac with OS 10.7.4. This app with their USB-to-phone module lets me dial the phone from FM.


            PhoneValet has gone out of business. So I'd like a modern solution that will work with future operating systems.

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              I think you can use AppleScript to have your modem dial a number.

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                Are you actually plugging a phone cord into your computer?


                I'd put good money down that this feature will never be available in FileMaker. The potential user base is incredibly small and shrinking. Even PhoneValet has been discontinued and Parliant no longer supports it.

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                  Dial Phone Numbers froms an Iphone


                  I decided to make this simple file

                  after reading the file "FMGo12

                  Training Tool " from Richard Carlton Consulting.


                  Richard Carlton's file explained how

                  to use the script  function "Open URL"

                  to make telephone calls, and sms's.


                  So that I could test his explaination I created the attached  file "Phone calling.fmp12".   I tested it on my iPhone and it justs  works.


                  If you have FMP 12 advanced you can see how this works by enabling the Data Viewer and the Script Viewer under Tools, Then in Data Viewer add 2 items to Watch;


                  1.  Get(scriptparamter)

                  2. $tel


                  click on a telephone button and step through the 1st two steps. 


                  The file is open and there is only one script so feel free to modify this into your own work.


                  I have not tested this on any device except the iphone. 


                  Jon Davidson

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                    Hi Steve,


                    I've answered your comments/questions about being able to dial a phone in FMP on the iphone.


                    I'd appreciate it if you would be good enough to mark your questions as answered.  And if you like my explaination and solutions to give me some notice in a reply.




                    Jon Davidson

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                      I want to be able to dial the phone from my iMac, not my iPhone.


                      I realize there are complications related to providing this feature. Nevertheless, it would save a huge amount of time for FM uses because then they could dial a phone by clicking on a script button.


                      I'll mark the question as Answered.


                      Thanks to everyone who posted an answer.


                      Steve Kaye