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How to best create lots of new records quickly?

Question asked by calexmac on Sep 20, 2012
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We are working on a solution that does some simulation in the medical field.

The simulation element occasionally requires the creation of a large number of records. Sometimes half a million.

Our challenge is to do this quickly.

If we use a very simple script:



exit if created the right number of records

create a new record

end loop


... it runs quickly at first, creating lots of records in the first few seconds of execution.

Then after about 50k of records its creation rate starts to slow down and then slows right down after ~100k of new records, adding a new record every few seconds!


The record only has one field, a text field, with no calculation or relationships, so it couldn't be simpler.


On the other hand, if we export 100k of these newly created records (blank - with no data), and then import them and set the 'create a new record' flag, the import is really fast.

We can build a table with a few million blank records very quickly (subtracting the time to manually do it).

The manual export/import is not a viable process and was just a test to see if FMP12 had a systemic record creation problem (which it doesnt seem to have).


So the ? is perhaps 2 questions:


?1 - what is FMP12 doing behind the scenes on record creation that we need to know about?

?2 - any ideas for progammatically creating lots of new records quickly?


Thanks in advance