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    "Save a Copy As" with FM12 Server?


      Hi Folks:


      I thought that I had heard that FM12 Server and FM12 allowed databases hosted on FM12 Server to use the "Save Copy As" function to save a local copy of a database from a file being shared on server. I've looked in the documentation, but can't find anything to confirm this. It does look like it's an option with FMGo. Am I missing something?




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          When in the Databases view, there is an Actions drop down. At the bottom there is an option to Download Database. That is the only way i have found to save a local copy.

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            Check out the Download Database action in the FileMaker Server Admin Console.



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              Hi Guys:


              OK, so it's an Admin console option, not an option from withing Filemaker Pro itself.  More secure, but not as compelling.  Oh well.




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                Hi Everybody!


                Very strange, but when I closed the database and effect the Download Database function referenced above, I can't find the database that I downloaded!


                Usually a dialog box opens up that enables me to target the destination for the saved file, but that didn't happen.  The Event Log shows that I successfully downloaded it, but I can't find it anywhere.  Very frustrating, lol!  Hoping you can help.  Thank you!

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                  I do not believe that the "Save a Copy as" script step or menu option will work at all from the client side, when hosted on FileMaker Server.  This includes iOS.  I find this very annoying myself.  In addition the fact that FileMaker Go does not allow export to FileMaker files is also a pain in the @$$.  I can understand the security considerations, but, these can be controlled by the developer.

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                    Perhaps saving a copy of a hosted, open database with records in various stages of Commit might not be a good idea. Not to mention security, or someone trying to save a large database over a network connection.  :-)

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                      As far as I am aware, the Download Database function will only send the file to your default Downloads folder.  You can't select a different location. 

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                        But you should be able to redirect that, based on your browser. I have mine set to download to the desktop, and it works fine.

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                          Actually FileMaker Server has to deal with the Commited Record issues as well, I would just like to see this option extended to FileMaker Client and FileMaker Go.  The main reason I would like to see at least one of the two options I expressed above solved is, that there is no current way for an end user to execute a localized backup in the iOS environment (while hosted on FMS).  While I would agree that in many situations this would not be a desirable action, there are some situations where it would be valuable.


                          In a situation where a company is hosting their own multi-user database on their own server, this would probably be pointless,... But...


                          In a hybrid situation where a smaller solution (not a huge, multi-user business solution) was hosted by a FM Hosting company most of the time, But needs to handle situations where Internet Access is not an option,  The ability to either export or save a copy to the mobile device, while access is available, to switch a localized operation,  would be a huge asset.  Keep in mind, I would not be advocating this for a business solution with multiple users attached and a 8GB+ file.


                          I guess a lot depends on how you would view the purpose of FileMaker... If you feel FileMaker is just a Business Database tool then you will not really get where I am coming from.  I look at FileMaker as a Development Platform for all kinds of products, obviously within the limitations of the FileMaker Engine.

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                            The Admin Console "Download Database" function cannot download an open database. It must be closed prior to downloading, negating any Commit issues (amongst other things). Clearly, this isn't something that should be done by users connected to a shared database.

                            There are way of using an offline version of a database then manually syncing with a Master. However, doing so with multiple users can be…challenging.

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                              Thanks for the helpful thoughts, everybody... after reviewing your advisement, it seems that there's a problem, as I don't get a dialog box that enables me to target the destination of the downloaded file.  I've done this many times, but it's not doing it now.  I'll put in a call to Filemaker support tomorrow.  Thank you!!



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                                You won’t. You have to select your Downloads folder in the Settings or Preferences of your preferred browser. For example, in Safari, mine looks like this:


                                Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 7.45.22 AM.png


                                After you do that, the downloaded files will automatically load to that location.

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                                  Apologies for the late response, Mike!


                                  I learned that the problem was that I was running FMS13 from an iMac server running OSX Server.  The kind folks at Filemaker spent over a day working with me on the various angles to the problem, and it turned out this was it.  FMS and OSX are fighting over the same port when running that operation.  I'd been planning to switch to a professional FMS hosting service in any case, and when I did so, the issue went entirely away.


                                  Thanks to you all for chiming in; much appreciated!