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    <No access> curse


      It would be great if FM would (optional) not display <No access> but skips the entire record in layouts.

      I am working on an application which stores records of different companies.

      Each table within the database contains one account_number(name) field which keeps the

      records separate from each company. I have used several methods but none of them are

      really perfect. The Custom Layout Privileges could easily do the job without the need for

      filtering if it simply would not display a record instead of showing the <No access> messages.

      In other words, what I would like to see is the login account name linked to records in current session

      i.e an SQL View equivalent (but I am not an expert in SQL!). Another practical comparison would be a bank

      account database (FMBank!) containing all its customers transactions but showing each customer's own

      records only.