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Speed and multithreading

Question asked by duaneburghard on Sep 20, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2012 by Vincent_L

FM Staff,


I realize that you spend a lot more time fielding questions and comments about what people dislike about FM than what they like, so let me start by saying that I've been programming with FM for 18 years now and I'm not going anywhere, it's by far the best platform (in terms of the combination of ease of use and capability) for the vast bulk of what I do. That said, there are two issues that MUST be VERY serious and systemic problems or they would have been fixed by now (because I KNOW I'm one of many people experiencing these two issues) and I'd like you to discuss why these are systemic issues and what plans if any you do have to address them along with a timeline to solution.



The first issue is speed over the Internet. Nearly all of my solutions are, to use today's metaphor du jour, cloud based apps (databases hosted on an FM Server in the midwest, used by businesses (most of them mine) all over the country. The speed of *basic* actions in FileMaker is, and always has been, wildly inconsistent and often times simply not functional. In some cases, this is because FM Server is sending *far* more data than is necessary downstream to the client and making the client do the work that the server should be doing (e.g. calculation fields ... this has gotten somewhat better over the years but is still nowhere near where I think it should be). What is FileMaker doing to increase the amount of work that FM Server is doing and making sure that it's not "pushing" more bits downstream than is necessary?


The second issue is somewhat related, multi-threading. It's pretty weird to many of us to be sitting here in 2012 and not have a version of FileMaker capable of doing more than one thing at a time. The lag we often endure while waiting for FileMaker to catch up to often simple requests would be made a LOT better in many cases if we could simply let it chew on a given task while we move to another window and do something else. Is there ANY plan on the boards to make FM capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneously and can you tell us when?