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    Developing for Maximum WAN Performance Workshop Next Wednesday!


      Developing for Maximum WAN Performance Workshop

      Bring a copy of your FileMaker database, warts and all.

      We'll bring the know-how to make your database run faster and make FileMaker more reliable over the Wide Area Network (WAN).


      You'll walk away with a new base of knowledge, but more importantly we'll have identified specific action items regarding your specific database that will improve your FileMaker application.

      We'll start with a basic overview of premises behind developing for maximum WAN performance. Then we'll roll up our sleeves and have each participant tour us through their FileMaker application, inside and out, especially the bottlenecks. Finally, Mark Richman will use the students' applications to demonstrate the practical development strategies he's uncovered.

      Please register early. Due to the hands on nature of this three-hour workshop we can accept no more than four (4) students.


      Price: $300