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Filtering Student Database

Question asked by samjs on Sep 20, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2012 by samjs

I am creating a Student Database for the music teachers in a public school.


I want to create a group navigational filtered portal to the left of each student's record, which would allow the teacher to filter by group, such as band or choir. Please see the attached picture to get the idea.

I want to then be able to select the student in the portal and have it navigate to their record.


Now if their is no criteria in the filter field, I want it to list every student in the database, even the ones who are not assigned to a group. I have created the following tables:






The problem I am facing when creating the relationship between the Student and Groupline tables is that ...

1. It does not show students who are not in a group

2. It shows duplicates of the same student because they are in 2 groups.


I'm stuck at how to create this solution. Any ideas is greatly appreciated!