Returning to FileMaker with some quick questions...

Discussion created by sshefer on Sep 20, 2012
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Hi FM Developers,


Our company is considering returning to FM after a long hiatus and working with a custom Ruby on Rails web app (I posted here earlier but can't seem to reply without paying) and was hoping some developers here would be able to answer some generic questions as my FM development process is rusty.


Any tips or useful links would be SUPER appreciated:


- Can FM allow for what rails calls polymorphic relationships? For example, a files/attachments table that will house all attachments for different tables? If not, how can you go about allowing users to post multiple files to each record in FM (unless the basic answer is create sub document tables for each)?

- What is the optimal table structure in FM for best performance? Any major differences from typical SQL based DBs?

- Is the trend now to move design/layout, scripts, and data to different file? For performance or ease of development?

- Is it recommended to silo different business units (with shared access to common data) or combine into one FM file? Is this relatively straightforward to do?

- Any beautiful filemaker layout references?

- Any way to incorporate effects into layouts?

- Any references for complete audit trails in FM12? Is something like this built in?

- Any experiences with typical heavy load requirements and large attachments? (200+ concurrent users)

- (edit) Can you easily include graphics for retina displays? (Does FM12 work well with existing retina on both mobile and new laptop?)


Again, any help would be very useful. We're starting to develop for more iPad/iPhone clients and FM12 was heavily recommended. Would love to hear if anyone had similar experience or any other thoughtful advice. Looking forward to joining this community again.


Thank you!