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    Built-in barcode reader using camera


      From FM to save going out to CNS or Redlaser and constructing fmp~~ urls to get back (as we cant use plugins to process saved image files)

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          Please please please add this feature

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            +1 for this feature


            FMI only needs to support iOS devices for barcode scanning (not BB, Andriod, Windows Phone, etc.).  Since the better the camera, the better the possibility of an accurate scan, only more recent devices would apply.  I think FMI can really get more positive exposure for the FM platform by giving developers the opportunity to natively include barcode scanning into their FM Go solutions.  Lots of small businesses could use barcoding solutions, but the barrier to entry is a little higher than they want to deal with.  If it's built in, there's no reason not to use it.



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              This is a great idea and would be made even more amazing if they integrated with some standard reader such as the Linea Pro sled (which has a credit card reader and barcode scanner).  It's the market leader and in use at Apple retail stores so one would think there'd be an incentive to open FMGo to this integration.