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Printing / Upgrade questions

Question asked by dstrunk on Sep 21, 2012

I upgraded to 12 and while doing that I transferred it from a MAC to a PC now I am having problems printing & formating.


1. When I want to print my layouts/forms, most of the time they will not print....I have to close the complete program and reboot it to print a layout/form.  It is very time comsuming and frustrating when printing more than one layout/form.  What can I do to correct this problem?

2. When I am printing the layouts/forms, some of the letters drop off (do not print)  Examples:  I have names as long as "Radspinner" that will print but "Fox" will not print (it will print "Fo") - so my fields are large enough. What do I need to change?

3. When changing a font - in the past when clicking on the drop down box and type a "T" for Time Roman and it would take you down to the it does not happen.  What do I need to do to make that happen instead of scrolling through the large list of fonts. (Time comsuming)

4. When in layout mode - I am unable to set "Orientation" to my layout/form (it is grayed out)...I can only change it in Page Setup then the orientation changes on all my layout/forms so before I print I always have to check the print preview. Where can I set the orientation to that layout/form so it will always print correctly?

5. Since upgrading all my layouts/databases have to be corrected (fonts, spacing, font size, etc.) What went wrong?


Thank you for answering these question.