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    Steps to copy a local file to a remote directory?


      Hi All,


      First post here, I have a little problem that I'd love nail down!


      One of our clients want any given list of contacts to be pinned onto a map through the use of a button.


      I have a script that exports a found set of contacts to an XML file.

      This file is formatted to be read by google to process the records and create pins on a google map (containing the company name, postcode and description).

      Everything works as expected.


      My issue is I am currently manually copying the exported file to an FTP server in order for google to be able to reference it.

      I'm searching for a way to automate this copying process, so I can add the steps onto the end of the export script.


      I've tried using the command line but can't seem to get a solid connection to the FTP server (I'm using GoDaddy - DOH!).

      I've also tried various PHP FTP methods with no luck.


      Am I correct in attempting to use an FTP server to achieve this or is there a better method?


      Any ideas?


      Thanks, all the best!


      Tom - Data Creator (2010) Ltd