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    FileMaker 12 / 11




      I have a number of clients still using FileMaker 11. If I upgrade my development software to FileMaker 12, can I back-generate to FileMaker 11, or an I going to have to run Filemaker 11 in parallel with Filemaker 12 in order to carry on supporting my version 11 clients?




      Ian Skidmore

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          FM12 can not save files in the 11 format, so you need both.

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            I use them "in parallel" , although rarely at the same time. They can both be running at the same time, but using resources, such as webserver (IWP), cannot be done. That's for FMPro (as Advanced or not). I do not have FMServer (both versions-same machine) running at the same time, even for testing.


            But for that transition phase when I'm converting (but sort of starting over) to 12, I probably have 11 and 12 both open for reference between them.


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            Beverly Voth


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