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    Dynamically change relationship on External Data Sources - Filemaker Pro & Go 12


      Can relationships between table occurences from External Data Sources (such as SQL Server) be changed dynamically based on a condition?  Can primary key fields be calculated fields?  For example, table A contains a list of licenses & table B a list of parent licenses and child licenses.  When my layout shows a Parent License from Table A, a portal displays all the related child licenses from Table B.  However, when my layout shows a Child License from Table A, the portal cannot display the related Parent Licenses in Table B.  This is because of  how the relationship is defined.  I would like to change this relationship dymamically based on the License definition (Parent or Child) in Table A.  How can I accomplish this?  I would like to use the same portal for both.


      Please refer to attached image.  When I view the record for All South Florida Collision (Parent), I want to see the related records (such as Angel Rivera).  Inversely, when I see Angel Rivera (Child License) I want to see All South Florida Collision in the portal.


      Thank you.