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Dynamically change relationship on External Data Sources - Filemaker Pro & Go 12

Question asked by klondono1 on Sep 21, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2012 by klondono1

Can relationships between table occurences from External Data Sources (such as SQL Server) be changed dynamically based on a condition?  Can primary key fields be calculated fields?  For example, table A contains a list of licenses & table B a list of parent licenses and child licenses.  When my layout shows a Parent License from Table A, a portal displays all the related child licenses from Table B.  However, when my layout shows a Child License from Table A, the portal cannot display the related Parent Licenses in Table B.  This is because of  how the relationship is defined.  I would like to change this relationship dymamically based on the License definition (Parent or Child) in Table A.  How can I accomplish this?  I would like to use the same portal for both.


Please refer to attached image.  When I view the record for All South Florida Collision (Parent), I want to see the related records (such as Angel Rivera).  Inversely, when I see Angel Rivera (Child License) I want to see All South Florida Collision in the portal.


Thank you.