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    Interactive Charts


      It would be supprt if there was some built in way to be able to click on a bar and trigger a script. So that we could take the user to the data that represents that bar slice.


      There are some amazing things that one can do with things like http://www.highcharts.com and other solutions out there.


      When building Javascript visualizations one can do some amazing things when combined with the ability to trigger scripts. We are so close to opening up a world where one could interact with their data in visual ways.


      It woudl be great if there was some built in native support for Javascript that would for bidirectional interactions.



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          I thought I saw something like this being done at the recent DevCon, by your company! How do you achieve this effect in "InspectorPro's Script Universe and Script & Calculation Trees"? It seemed like you had a two way thing happening. Clicking on a node and this sent a URL to FileMaker that ran a search....


          Anyway, I agree round trips would be great, especially if it were fairly straight forward for mere mortals to impliment.

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            Doug we use FM URL but the problem is that there need to be trade offs considered because it behaves differently if you are doing this in a hosted solution, on FM Go or simply on your desktop.