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Ruby API

Question asked by jlisburn on Sep 21, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2012 by beverly

As Ruby is fast becoming the preferred web modality, how long before we might see a fully supported API (like the PHP API). It's the first question I get asked by Web Devs when trying to extend a solution to the web. Sure there are 3rd party open source tools, but in order to deploy solutions I need something that is supported and with better performance than the PHP API.


Also IWP, what does the roadmap look like? It's great for non-coders such as myself who need to deploy web content. Many smaller solutions don't warrant a 'whole' site, and being able to 'flick the switch' to get an IWP site running is very appealing vs spedning hours and $ writing and testing code. Security is the main issue I believe, along side fwd and back buttons (I know these can be faked) now that the graphics have been improved.


Many thanks for this opportunity