Isn't there an easy way to sort a value list?

Discussion created by benlevi on Sep 21, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2012 by DavidJondreau

I find it hard to believe that after 12 Filemaker versions with a ton of bells and whistles, that sorting a value list (i.e. in reverse alphabetical order) isn't very simple.

I have a table of event names, and a TO which only selects those events with a specific type... this effectively allows me to create a value list of only those events with that specific type. The value list uses two values, displaying only the second value.

Now i want to display only the second value in a drop-down list, but i want those second values to be in reverse alphabetical order.

In the value list TO, i have opted to sort the Value List by the event name in Descending order, but that doesn't work... the drop-down list still shows the values in Ascending order.

Isn't there an easy way to do this?