Security Improvements

Discussion created by vince.menanno on Sep 21, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2012 by taylorsharpe

I know we just got a file format change and might not see any changes to security for a while but it sure would be nice to see security get some attention seems like it might be a over a decade that we'll have the same security features. Hopefully this will be considered and some attention give to new features when the next FileMaker format comes around.




Allow calculations to determine field level edits

Add the table context of the calculation to the DDR for view, edit and delete calculations - currently this is missing and should be included. Otherwise don't allow users to select the context they want those calculations to be calculated from.


In the meantime one thing I would love to see. A feature available in InspectorPro 4. That when you are selecting fields, layouts scripts, or value lists that there is a popup selector at the top that allows you to select the privilege set to see what the access levels are for the item you are about to select. This way you can quickly check security without having to exit the dialog and come back.


Might be too crazy to edit security in place - just a thought.