iOS 6, FM Go 12.0.5 & Insert Picture()

Discussion created by zhewiz on Sep 21, 2012
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I have a solution which, when a user taps on a container field, goes to a script eventually calling the "Insert Picture ()" script step. This used to allow a user to take a picture with the iPad's built-in camera. However after upgrading to FM Go 12.0.5, clicking on the container field instead brings up a "Files On Device" dialog box and a Cancel button. No option is given to take a photo with the iPad 2's built in camera. Is this a new bug? I'm really in a tight spot, my user is out in the field trying to do an inspection but can't insert pictures. Unfortunately there's no way to downgrade back to FM Go 12.0.4 which seemed to be working. Can anyone confirm this bug?


I've tried on two different databases with two different iPads and both do the same thing. Both are iPad 2's, one is running iOS 6, the other is running iOs 5.x I believe.


Is there any way I can get 12.0.4 back? I didn't save the 12.0.4 ipa file, unfortunately.