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    Printer Default


      I'd like to see FMPro to be the same as all other Windows apps and use the Default Printer when Printing. FMPro always remembers the last printer choice, which may be a feature, but I'd like to see this as an option to turn On or Off.


      I think almost all other Windows apps will chose the Default printer to chose the Printer when selecting the Print option.

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          Adobe document products use default printer, till you print, then when you print and save it remembers the last one used, then if you use another and save it remembers that one. Only in FM we don't have any explicit save - so perhaps a better way of setting the printer in startup scripts would work here

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            In my situation, scripts would always have to be run (which is a pain). 80% of the time, the Default printer is used, and only 20% printing to different printer is used, or Print to PDF, etc.


            Why have a Windows Default printer then? FM should always go back to Default printer - that's what it's there for - right?


            I don't know what Adobe does, but I don't think they should be looked towards for guidelines on how to do things.


            If FM wants to save the last printer used, then have a swtich there to enable Save Last Printer as a setting which can be turned On or Off.


            It just seems that this goes against standard Windows practise (of course, I may be wrong, and it seems Adobe do this) - but everything I've ever used just always go to Windows Default printer.