Dates and Variables

Discussion created by atlascott on Sep 22, 2012
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When someone creates a Task, I give them an option of creating asequence of Tasks that are commonly performed.


They fill out one Task and I script the creation of the other Tasks throug judicious use of the SetField script step.


One that is givng me troubles is the dueDate (date).


I am passing the field dueDate to the variable $duedate.


Then, I create a record and SetField dueDate with calculation $duedate +7. But this does not set the new Task for 7 days after the first Task.


This may be due to variable being data type "text" rather than "date".


I have tried Defining the variable as $duedate = dueDate +7 and then calling $duedate as GetAsDate ($duedate) but it doesn't work.


I have also tried $duedate = dueDate and calling it as a calculation in the SetField as $duedate +7.


Can I pass dates to a variable? if so, how do I get a date back out?


How can I increment the first date by 7 using a means similar to this for the result I am looking for?


I guess I could define 3 more fields in the db, such as dueDate+7 (calculation) = dueDate +7.


But that's creating more data and permanent data storage. There MUST be a better way.


Thanks in advance for any help any can offer. Much appreciated.