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Has anyone else had any kind of experience of this? (The critical disaster is at the end, after the background.)


I just bought a new MacBook Pro that had 10.7.4 installed, rather than 10.8.2.


I ported the data over from the old one, using Migration Assistant and Time Machine. Thereafter, problems with the new machine. Firstly, I couldn't launch Safari. Spent the rest of Saturday in the Apple store and that ended up getting fixed, with a Mountain Lion upgrade (10.8)


Secondly, this (Mon) morning, I couldn't print. I need new drivers and thru' that I learnt that I couldn't log in to Software Update.


In an effort to fix that problem, Apple Tech Support sent me a link for the 10.8.2 updater which was supposed to work with 10.8. No, it didn't, so I also had to download 10.8.1.


All installed but problem not fixed.


At this point, I had normal Safari access, I could log into the App Store via the icon in the dock, but if I select SU, it can't log into the App Store and therefore can't do its thing.


Further hours with Tech Support phone cover and the conclusion is that I need to erase, reinstall the OS and then manually shift files over. (Yuck but it gets much worse.)


I've gotten very little work done in the last couple of days with all this going on, but before the big erase, I wanted to just double check everything. In particular, I file a lot of emails.


OMG. Semi-randomly, probably from approx 2008 to 2010, a proportion (unknown as yet), have been re-dated to some (recent) day in 2012.


Just great if you're relying on any (legal) history - not.


This (potential) destruction of my historical files is my greatest concern at the moment. (Although I'm definitely pissed off that a) I can't use the new machine and b) I can't get any other work done because of the problems that the new machine is causing.)


Anyone else encountered this? Solutions?



Mardi Kennedy