Constrain Foundset and return to Original Record

Discussion created by Padster on Sep 24, 2012
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Hi All,


I'm having a little bit of difficulty with something and hoping that somebody might be able to point me in the right direction, or at least tell me where I'm going wrong. What I'm working with is Constraining a Found set, while navigating through said FoundSet.


The basis for the Constrain of the Foundset is call lists, and the records moving from an Available to Active state. Active meaning that somebody has opened and is working on a record, therefore taking it out of the pool. Multiple people can have cross records in their foundsets.


Lets say that you start a foundset with 100 records, as you move through this list, each time you press the 'Next' button, the FoundSet is Constrained to remove Records that are Active for Sombody Else, yet leaving your own Active Records in the FoundSet.


The problem that I am having is that when you do the move to the next record, and the Constrain is performed, you are returned back to Record 1, I need to find a way that is you are on record 11, and the Constrain is performed, you return back to record 11, before moving to record 12 in the newly constrained Foundset.


As an additional problem, this has to also work based on that you don't have to start at record 1, you can enter the FoundSet at record 50, meaning that as the Constrain is performed, any of the records between 1-49 could disappear, meaning that before the Constrain you could be on Record 50, then after the Constrain you could actually be on Record 10, before then moving to the next record...


I hope that this all make sense, I am more than happy to provide a basic working file of where I have got to thus far if it would be of any help.


The reason for doing it this way, rather that through DB Security, becuase of other possible variables that could cause a record to be inaccessible by the end user cause. I opted for Script security rather than using the DB Security for this reason.