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    Creating a Next button that goes to the next tab





      I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me what the script would be for making a next button go the next tab instead of clicking on the actual tab. For instance right now in my crf's layout I have the vitals tab as my main/default tab. and I've created a next button that I want it to go the medical history tab when I click on next instead of me clicking on the medical history tab. Is this possible? I have attached my file for you all to get a better look. THank you.




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          Every tab panel can have a separate object name.  Just name each tab, then create a button with the script step GoToObject and assign it to go to the name of choice.  This is a very simple method.  If you want more advanced options you can work with the GetLayoutObjectAttribute function, to get the current tab panel.  There are also some new tab functions in FM12.